Movies are purposefully used for storytelling. The kind of story the movie tells and how it does it can attribute to intelligence in viewers. An intelligent movie is one that leaves viewers thinking and wondering about it for long. This article touches on some of the must see movies that most intelligent people should see.

must see movies

The reasons why we must see movies in order to be intelligent is imbedded in the importance of videos and how they train your brain.

1. Memory retention

To begin with, the use of visuals and sounds have been seen as a great way for encapsulating memories.  Saving Private Ryan is one of the must see movies of all time; due to the use of the sounds and visuals by Spielberg in this movie, viewers are able to keep more facts about the war that they might have missed by just reading about it.

“Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist.” ― Guy de Maupassant

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2. Thought provoking

must see movies

Must watch movies such as Memento have challenging story lines that cause users to be in suspense from the beginning of the movie till it ends. Memento with an unpredictable storyline trains your brain by stimulating it. This movie is told in reverse and has viewers guessing what exactly is happening and even leaves them wondering about the movie when it is over. Such exceptional must see movies leave viewers wondering how to become smarter.

3. Virtual reality

must see movies

Most intelligent people like to think outside the box and the ability to exist in a virtual world brought up by fantasies but laced with facts is an important brain teaser for them. Contact is one of the best must see movies for people desiring intelligence. Experiencing the world through the characters of the movie leaves the viewer wondering on most debatable topics in the science world.

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4. Information provision

Must watch movies such as the Big Bang Theory is definitely educational. This movie series is about a woman who moves into an apartment opposite four scientists, this sci-fi comedy takes the viewer through interesting facts and may give information that the user may otherwise not have thought of or researched on.

5. Varying perception

Good movies are the kind that stretch perception of viewers and pushes them to see things in a different worldview or from another angle. One of such movies is the sixth sense which pushes people to analyze situations differently.

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6. Enhancing cognition

must see movies

Movies enhance the cognitive part of peoples brains, enabling us perceive even knowledge of feelings. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind looks at faith and love is a movie that causes people to search deeper since intelligence is not only based on mathematical assertion, this movie is highly recommended.

7. Teaches a lesson

must see movies

Movies that help us become smarter teach a lesson, which is what the Shawshank Redemption does. Movies like this are timeless since the moral of the story can be discussed for decades. Watching the experiences of the characters makes people determine what they would do in such circumstances.

Due to the fact that humans are more visual, it is better to use this gift to achieve intelligence since whether we like it or not, the mind crams what is sees and experiences in these movies more than what is read.

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