In my own words, customer service involves whatever it takes to make your customers comfortable, get their buy in on your product and increase your sales. describes customer service as that requisite support offered to customers. They are of the opinion that good customer service skills gets your customers to have an easy and enjoyable experience with you and gets them coming back to you.

customer service skills

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. – BILL GATES

Benefits of good customer service

The importance of customer service should be drummed into the minds of sales executives for obvious reasons listed below:

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1. First, there is no doubt that customer service does not only attract new customers but also helps retain old customers. These old customers are the same people who keep coming back for more of your products, recommending them to new customers at no extra cost to you in the form of advertisement.

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2. With the rise of social media and how customers easily share experiences with your product online, the nature of your customer service skills can make or break your business.

Critical customer service tips you need for success

customer service skills

To ensure the critical success of your business through customer service skills, these are a number of good customer service skills that you definitely need at your fingertips in no particular order.

1. Stepping into the shoes of your customer and understanding exactly what your product/ service means to them is a crucial customer service skill for any service provider. This key skill, empathy, can be developed by spending time with your customers and getting to know them in a personal way that can help you structure services to suit their life patterns.

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2. Considering how tiresome a task customer service is, patience can allow you to take care of angry or difficult customers who need extra attention to be satisfied. It is another customer service skill you undeniably need.

3. Having positivity in your interactions with customers assists in creating perceptions about your brand. We should avoid phrases like as you know and I’m afraid that to eliminate negativity from our language.

4. Another key customer service skill needed for business success is Clarity in Communication. Think through how you will explain anything to a 5 year old and adopt that approach in serving.

5. Attentivenessis another customer service skill you need to master. You are able to pick up exactly what customers need by listening and the feedback can be incorporated into improving products.

6. The customer service skill mentioned above brings us to the next important skill, the willingness to learn. Learning will mean incorporating feedback from customers, hence tailoring products and services to suit the exact needs of customers.

7. Do not forget to know your product. You are headed for doom if you are clueless about the product or service you are selling.

8. Trust me, acting is as important a skill needed for customer servicing. Act out the expected reaction from customers.

9. The ability to read your consumers is a skill which should be perfected in giving out the best customer service to boost the success of your business.

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